What is special in VietClean.NET Yellow Medical Bin?

What is special in VietClean.NET Yellow Medical Bin?

A lot of  waste from the health care centers that contains potentially harmful bacteria generates negative effects on human health. Therefore, medical bins are essential choices to contain and treat medical waste. VietClean.NET Yellow Medical Bin offers a good choice of two models to provide the ideal solution for storing clinical waste.

Can I trust the quality of VietClean.NET Yellow Medical Bin?

We passed European EN 840 standard for the manufacture of mobile garbage bins that requirements for the dimensions and design, the performance testing, and the health and safety requirements of a clinical waste container.

HDPE Standard On Bins
European EN 840 standard on VietClean.NET Yellow Medical Bin

Which model for the VietClean.NET Yellow Medical Bin should I use?

VietClean.NET now offers two models with variety of capacities from 45 liter to 240 liter.

All Yellow Medical Bins
Types of trash cans from 45 liter to 240 liter

You can choose either classic bin or foot pedal bin when you purchase your VietClean.NET Yellow Medical Bin.

2 Medical Bins 120 Liter
Classic bin 120 liter and Foot pedal bin 120 liter

– Classic bin: Common and familiar with users. These garrbage cans are always easy to assemble and use.

– Foot pedal bin: They are utility storage bin because you don’t have to open the waste bin with your hands. So it’s very hygienic.

You can click here to watch more video about technical description of VietClean.NET Yellow Medical Bin.

What kinds of waste can the VietClean.NET Yellow Medical Bin contain?

VietClean.NET Yellow Medical Bin is recommended for use in health care facilities such as hospitals, health centres, laboratories, private clinics, universities and any gathering places.

Real Life Image
Medical bin images in real life

These garbage cans are made up of Polypropylene (PP) or High-density polyethylene (HDPE) so it can be used to contain of sharps, or medical and scientific equipment. Suitable clinical waste for these bins include: needles, syringes, sharps, swabs, bandages, medicine, liquids, body fluids and excretions, surgical equipment,…

Sharp And Medical Equipment
Sharps, or medical and scientific equipment

We hope that you have helpful knowledge about the medical garbage bins and make a good decision for you. You can see more productions and information here.

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